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Release date December 17, 2016
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1.10b7 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, which was released on December 17, 2016. Changes included Edison being implemented, a new mob (Glitterwings, Taegore, Burrukai) among other changes.


  • New NPC and dialogue system added
    • As a result, Edison is now implemented in a barebones form
    • He does not sell anything as of the current indev build and has somewhat simple branching dialogue
  • Glitterwings added, new passive/decorative mob
  • Taegore added, they have replaced Phygs
  • Burrukai added, replacement for Flying Cows
  • Campfire added, new utility block, currently decorative only
  • Skyroot Plank variants added
  • Cloudwool Carpet added
  • Skyroot and Holystone Bookshelf added



  • Variable argument compile warning fixed
  • Some crafting recipe bugs fixed
  • Fixed a comparator exception for the crafting GUI helper that would crash the game
  • Bug where multiblocks would not properly notify the client of dummy block placement fixed
  • Henges fixed not generating in-ground