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Release date April 2017
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1.11b1 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, with changes covering the month of April 2017. It was the first indev build to be ported over to 1.11 and included tons of bug fixes, the removal of Slider's Labyrinth, the introduction of Charms, new mob models, new blocks and items.


  • Entity stat system added, indivudal entities now have instanced stats, which are random
  • Zephyr and Tempest now have new models
  • New Secret Skyroot Door and Secret Skyroot Trap Door
  • Cloudtwine item added, drops from Aerbunnies
  • First set of Charm items implemented



  • Sound issues fixed, this includes Moa and Aercloud sound issues
  • Equipment, charms, and slots tweaked and updated
  • Fixed Gravitite tools not working in adventure mode
  • Aerbunnies now look at the player correctly
  • Mob hitboxes tweaked
  • Ore generation tweaked
  • Fixed Aether Portals being solid
  • Aether biome water color fixed
  • Interaction issues with Altars fixed
  • Fixed Skyroot Twigs fading to grey if viewed from afar
  • Exploit with Orange Trees and said duplication issues also fixed
  • Fixed lighting issues with Slabs
  • Fixed bounding box issues with plants
  • Various issues with Aerclouds fixed
  • Fixed Aether bookshelves not providing enchanting power to vanilla enchanting tables
  • Fixed Aether Tall Grass not dropping the right variants
  • NPCs can no longer mount enitites or leave their home
  • Fixed NPCs being able to be leashed
  • Issues with Skyroot tools fixed
  • Skyroot Ladder uses proper particles now