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Release date May 2017
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1.11b2 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, with changes covering the month of May 2017. Changes include new armor, new Swet textures, placeholders for structure generation, and Edison dialogue improvements.


  • Arkenium Armor added, currently has Diamond-level stats
  • Islands now generate with small Quicksoil patches
  • Structure Hint block added, is currently an unused placeholder
  • Swets have new models


  • Island sub biome population values tweaked
  • Golden Dart crafting recipe now reflects item shape of the texture
  • Kirrids now eat grass and regrow wool, similiar to vanilla sheep
  • Aerbunnies now hop and wander more
  • Edison dialogue improved, now also talks about Valkryies and his shop and he now has expressions


  • Holystone Furnace issues fixed
  • More sound bugs fixed (missing Dart Shooter sound, etc)
  • Skyroot Ladders being destroyed by water fixed
  • Dart Shooer's offhand functionality fixed
  • Recipe and metadata issues with glass pane variants fixed
  • Armor textures updated