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Release date October 2017
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1.11b7 is an indev build of the Aether II mod, with changes covering the month of October 2017. Changes include further introduction of new log types, Orbis being added, texture changes, among other changes.


  • Taegore Hide armor implemented, has Leather-tier defense
  • Greatroot and Wisproot logs implemented, they do not naturally generate and can only be obtained via creative mode or inv-editors, Golden Oak also renamed to Amberoot
    • Also implemented planks and decorative blocks for said new log types
  • Simple base implemented for Orbis, has add some functionality added and loads of bug fixes


  • Cloudwool item removed, is now a block but still drops from Kirrids
  • Moas now only be saddled with Aether Saddles, said saddles have a max stacksize of 1
  • Skyroot Leaves now have new textures as well as new matching textures for the new log types
  • Skyroot Log Walls can be crafted into two Skyroot Planks
  • Decorative variants can now be reverted to their original types in the crafting bench and Icestone Bricks can be reverted to 1 Icestone piece
  • Taegore and Burrukai attribute tweaks, and leather/hide is now a gauranteed drop and Burrukai have been buffed with attack damage and health


  • Edison no longer crashes Minecraft when spoken to and now properly generates in Outposts
  • Aether Portals not generating fixed
  • Many issues fixed with new Swet model and behaviors
  • Fixed memory leaks with client-side packets