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Release date March 29th, 2019
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1.12.2-0.2.0 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It was released on March 29th, 2019. Changes include several massive performance and generation fixes, the introduction of three new mobs and the return of Sheepuff.


  • Never before seen mobs have been added! Featuring: Skyroot Lizards, Glactrix, and Varanys
  • As part of our work of adding updated versions of old Aether mobs, we've added Sheepuff to the Forgotten Highlands
  • Work on a new Status Effect system has been started! Go out and start min-maxing yourself
  • The Traveler's Guidebook has been implemented with basic functionality
  • Say hello to the new player trading system! You can now trade items with other players
  • Hover text is now displayed when looking at an interactable entity or block
  • Gravitite Ore now floats upwards in ore-generation
  • Added Lizard on a Stick item


  • The Aether now ships with the Phosphor lighting engine, which brings a 4-5x reduction in world generation
  • Saplings have been broken up into multiple item IDs
  • Adjusted dialog lines referencing Eggnog
  • Caves no longer generates on island coasts
  • Disable the performance indicator by default
  • Improve the generation of cracks in the Irradiated Forests
  • Improved Winter Hat model and item textures
  • Improved how the Forgotten Highlands generate
  • Modified how Highlands Ice generates
  • More enemies spawn the deeper a player goes into an island
  • Poison Darts now apply a toxin status debuff
  • Removed seperate inventories for the Aether dimension
  • The XP bar is no longer hidden by default in the Aether


  • Updated OrbisAPI to fix a critical crash on single-core CPUs
  • Add missing Wildcard JSON models and textures
  • Allow NPCs to be killed by void damage and commands
  • Do not generate trees into the ground
  • Encouraged Aerclouds to not generate underground or in structures
  • Fixed Ambrosium Ore rendering as a fully-lit block and not blending with adjacent stone blocks
  • Fixed Moa color Everglade misspelling
  • Fixed an end-of-the-world scenario that can occur when mobs get stuck on Aerclouds
  • Fixed bug that was causing biomes to not be picked randomly
  • Fixed issues where structures would generate with scrambled blocks
  • Fixed many compatibility issues with SpongeForge
  • Fixed some issues where items couldn't be sold properly in shops
  • Fixed some issues with Tile Entities in blueprint data
  • Hiding the XP bar no longer offsets other GUIs
  • Holiday sales now only affect holiday items in shops
  • Interacting with vanilla cows has been fixed
  • Leaves in generated trees now decay
  • Moa and Kirrid hitboxes now behave correctly
  • Placing Moa Eggs in survival no longer crashes the game
  • Smoothly animate the Aether Teleporter in-game
  • Reduced size of image assets (2.0MB -> 0.9MB)
  • Avoid allocating arrays in BlockVariant#hashCode()
  • Avoid excessive BlockPos instantiation when ticking grass
  • Avoid generating ores into known empty sections under islands
  • Avoid repeated BlockPos creation during biome decoration
  • Do not schedule block updates when replacing stone blocks
  • Don't notify observers when placing blocks during the population phase
  • Observers are no longer notified when placing blocks during the population phase or when generating structures
  • Reduced memory allocations as much as possible in generation
  • Removed excessive `IBlockAccessExtended#canAccess` checks in floor decoration generators
  • Removed all usages of reflection and replaced them with AT rules
  • Rewrote structure placement conditions to be far more efficient
  • Significant speed improvements to Irradiated Forests generation
  • Significantly optimized cave generation to reduce unnecessary duplicated generation
  • Use WorldSlice to perform block lookups/modifications quicker when generating population features
  • Use simpler blockstate matching in ore generation
  • Use the XoShiRo class of RNGs for world population