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Release date April 23rd, 2018
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1.12.2-1.0.0 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It is the first publicly available indev build in five months and is also the first indev build for the Highlands Update.



  • Aercloud beds now return from previous versions
  • Islands are now almost double the size
  • Aether Portal no longer can be ignited and portal frame items have been removed
  • Switched from Orbis to Orbis API
  • Aether and Overworld now have seperate inventories
  • XP Orbs no longer spawn in the Aether and experience bar is removed in the Aether
  • Ore generation tweaked
  • Zephyroos reimplemented, but barebones, currently not an actual functioning mob
  • Several kinds of wood-based blocks now burn
  • Cloudwool Carpet no longer waterproof
  • Moa Eggs no longer stack
  • Quicksoil patches removed
  • Moonlit Bloom removed


  • Various Orbis improvements and change, see Orbis
  • Fixed numorous types of issues that caused crashes
  • Necromancer's Tower and Outpost blueprints now work correctly
  • Screen no longer goes black after going back to the Aether
  • Fix for keyboard input for when it stops working after the intro
  • Fixed issues with Aether Teleporter block
  • Client-side and server-side fixes
  • Fixed null checks in TileEntityMultiblockDummy
  • Fixes for mod compatibility, such as JEI
  • Fixed lakes generating on aerclouds
  • Fixed templates not generating on snow
  • Fixed incorrect height with Highlands biome generation
  • Fixed interpolation errors with biome generation
  • Fixed virtual chunk returning default if out of bounds
  • Fixed accidental test code being pushed, where only Highlands generated
  • Fix for island generators not using falloff gradient properly
  • Fixed plants connecting to other blocks
  • Fixed mobs not spawning in other biomes
  • Fixed flying mobs
  • Masonry Bench, Incubator, Icestone Cooler, Skyroot Beds, doors and other blocks fixed
  • Fixed compile and packages errors
  • Improved island generation performance
  • Fixed certain blocks having wrong sound type
  • Fix for tree sapling generation
  • Fix for Moa Nests generating where they shouldn't
  • Fix for Magnetic Hills and other biome coast generation issues
  • Fixed noise scaling of snow gen
  • Fixed Adventure Mode not resetting
  • Fix for server biome access
  • Fixed 3D Noise with island gen
  • NPCs are now invincible again
  • Fix for NPE and metadata with snowy plants and Aether Grass
  • Fix for Irradiated Forests not working in negative coords
  • Fixed Aerclouds generating in water