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Release date May 7th, 2018
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1.12.2-1.0.3 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It was released on May 7th, 2018. Changes include new Moa models, Arctic Peaks having new snow and ice blocks and fixes with the mod's death system and fixes for multiplayer.


  • Notice when lighting old Aether Portal structure to notify players of the new Aether Portal block
  • New Moa model, unfinished but functional
  • Arctic Peaks now has it's own unique snow, ice and packed ice blocks instead of the vanilla ones
  • Depleted Healing Stone recipe reimplemented
  • Cloudwool can now be crafted into four Cloudtwine and vice versa for Cloudtwine
  • Shadow now renders while wearing Aether helmets. Has a config.
  • Mod now has in-game config


  • Aether Portal block renamed to the proper name and now in utilities tab
  • ETStarLight credited as contributor for Chinese translation
  • Edison now has busy dialog for if you haven't died yet
  • Zephyrs now drop Cloudtwine
  • Aerbunny drop rate for Cloudtwine tweaked
  • Swet Sugar drop rate lowered


  • Fixed several issues with SpongeForge, should run on servers now
  • Death system isolated to Aether only
  • Aether's death system now respects keepInventory now
  • Fixed issue with input not working after loading screen
  • Fixed a few untranslatable strings in GUIs and blocks
  • Skyroot tools and other tools now work on last harvest
  • Aerbunny now has a baby model
  • Client no longer picks up an Aerbunny without confirmation from server
  • Fixed Carrion Sprout and Aechor Plant dying on snow
  • Masonry Bench now has recipes for secret door and trapdoors as well as revert craft recipes
  • Green Skyroot Leaves and Therawood blocks now burn
  • Arkenium Shears now mine Cloudwool at correct speed
  • Ferrosite Sand now has correct hardness
  • Half multi blocks like Campfires no longer connectable
  • Gloves now render and have slim models too
  • Cloudwool Carpet now no longer a full block (fixes fences attaching to them)
  • Aether slabs no longer full blocks
  • Non-full block Aether Utility Blocks no longer act as full blocks
  • Floor objects such as rocks and twigs are no longer full blocks