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Release date May 21st, 2018
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1.12.2-1.0.5 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It was released on May 21st, 2018. Changes include the new Bartering shop system, a whole range of items to buy from Edison and performance improvements with island generation.


  • Implemented full bartering system for NPCs. Edison now has a shop you can buy stuff from. Randomized from a pool of potential stock items.


  • Updated to ETStareak's new Chinese localization
  • Better visibility on dialogue viewer scroll bar
  • Added Tivalier name drop in Josediya's dialogue


  • Lots of performance improvements in island generation
  • No more chunks with the wrong biome being generated
  • Incompatibility between Aether Legacy and Aether II that prevented people from opening a legacy portal
  • Fixed biomes being generated on the client incorrectly
  • Aechor Flowers not breaking after plant growth