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Release date May 28th, 2018
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1.12.2-1.0.6 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It was released on May 28th, 2018. Changes include new weather and skybox systems, blinking entities, improved Shop UI, new Well structures, texture improvements and highly increased performance improvement.


  • Added basic precipitation and skybox system, experimental
  • Various weather events implemented: light, heavy and stormy rain, along with snowfall in Arctic Peaks biomes
  • Passive mobs and Swets hide under trees/cover from rain now
  • Josediya now has a dialogue portrait
  • Edison, Josediya, Burrukai, Moas, Kirrid and Taegore now blink their eyes. Edison and Josediya have eye tracking. Will do more animals soon
  • New bartering UI changes. Much better communication to player. Fixes many issues with centering of UI elements such as coins
  • Can now skip intro with keyboard as well
  • Wells now generate. More Skyroot Towers variants as well
  • Added Thera Blocks crafting and Masonry Bench recipes


  • Updated Josediya texture
  • Updated Edison model/texture
  • Updated Gilt textures
  • Swets lose their gel when exposed to rain
  • Quicksoil no longer affects players while underwater
  • Improved Brettl Cane placement. Improved performance
  • Disabled Campsites until we can figure out problems with Blueprint placements
  • Lakes now use dirt/soil blocks for the bottoms
  • Josediya no longer constantly faces you
  • Removed vanilla-style lakes in the Aether
  • Updated rolling damage reduction
  • Animals and mobs now avoid Blue Aerclouds. Can also unstuck themselves when they bounce on them
  • More Chinese localization


  • World generation now uses XoShiRoRandom from Orbis API, massively improves performance for cave generation
  • Refactored a few noise generators, significantly reduced noise generation overhead of WorldPreparationAether#replaceBiomeBlocks
  • Crash in worlds that don't have a PrepManager when pressing F3
  • AOT generation generates the sectors closest to a player first (regression fix)
  • Well blueprints didn't have enough structure void. Fixed multiple issues with structures and floor heights. Still not perfect, but better than before
  • Potential fix for players who somehow never visited a campfire and dies in the Aether
  • Cave generation now uses chunk masks, fixes a few issues
  • Aercloud generation now uses chunk masks and is generated properly
  • Drastically improved sector and chunk generation performance
  • Issue when locking buy count in shop at 0 stock, would set the preview stack