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Release date June 5th, 2018
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1.12.2-1.0.7 is an indev build of the Aether II mod. It was released on June 5th, 2018. Changes include Mobs avoiding quicksoil (unless it's dire), disabling Campsites, adding an Aether /toggledownfall equivalent, and many bug fixes.


  • Added /aeisland command to toggle downfall on islands, requires cheats and operator permissions


  • Mobs will now avoid Quicksoil unless absolutely dire
  • Update zh_CN.lang
  • Until Patron Rewards are fully implemented, Patron Tabs are disabled. Also disabled the Bug Report tab until it gets a proper UI.
  • Drastically changed Aether load semantics, fixes many bugs
  • The AOT sector generator will only generate one sector at a time for a player and will no longer stall high-priority tasks, fixes #899
  • Disabled Campfires until their placement code is fully fixed


  • Sectors are no longer leaked when a player changes dimensions or logs out
  • Fixed a few scenarios where sectors wouldn't be unloaded on the client
  • Island generators no longer try to place blocks outside the world's Y boundaries, fixes #896
  • Respawning now works in instances, fixes #784
  • Fixed missing Side.CLIENT annotations on event listener subscription annotations
  • Aether Portals can now be clicked on from the top-half
  • Tall Aether Grass no longer eats blocks when replacing it with another block, fixes #907
  • Moa Eggs are no longer considered full blocks, fixes #904
  • Highlands Snow can now be stacked by players
  • Precipitation sounds should no longer mute out other sounds, rain no longer animates while the game is paused. Fixes #891, fixes #892.
  • Gravitite ability prioritizes vanilla behavior over the tool's unless sneaking, fixes #712, fixes #713
  • Highlands Grass no longer extends vanilla grass (they're very different), fixes #727
  • Fixed most mobs not spawning