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Release date April 20th, 2018
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1.12.2-v1.3.0 is a build of the Aether Legacy mod. It was released on April 20th, 2018. Most of the changes include several misc fixes and generation improvements.


  • Added lake generation
  • Added configuration option to set a limit for Shard of Life usage


  • Increased Aechor Plant spawn rate
  • Improvements on Dungeon and Aercloud generation to use structure system which decreases generation time and increases performance overall with the mod
  • Improved Sun Spirit movement (You're not safe in corners anymore)
  • Nerfed Whirlwind spawn rates


  • Fixed bug with resistance on locked dungeon blocks
  • Fixed exploits
  • Fixed Bungeecord issues
  • Fixed and cleaned up console spam "dangerous prefixes"
  • Fixed achievement error with Cloud Parachute
  • Fixed broken crafting recipes
  • Fixed Holy Sword functionality
  • Fixed Swets chasing players in Creative Mode
  • Fixed Mending working with Accessories
  • Fixed issue with Altar, Freezer and Incubator losing progress upon unloading chunks/closing game
  • Fixed mod compatibility issue with Ambience mod
  • Fixed mod compatibility issue with RPG inventory mod