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Release date January 31st, 2019
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1.12.2-v1.4.0 is a build of the Aether Legacy mod. It was released on January 31st, 2019. Most of the changes include exploits and behavior fixes.


  • Aether API Changes:
    • Added IPlayerAether interface to grab PlayerAether methods
    • Added IAetherBoss interface for custom bosses
    • Added IInventoryAccessory interface to grab InventoryAccessory methods
  • Updated Biome decorator
  • Classic "Ascending to the Aether" message when traveling to the Aether
  • More localiziable texts
  • New in-game configuration
  • Skyroot Bucket milking sound
  • You can use /locate to find Silver Dungeons and Gold Dungeons
  • Entities can fall out of the Aether (kinda)
  • Valkyrie halos now glow
  • Added Valkyrie Cape
  • Mobs now use loot tables
  • Mimic model and animation is now smoother
  • Updated Spawn Egg colors
  • Fire Minion and Valkyrie have spawn eggs


  • Fixed Aether portal sounds
  • Fixed bosses being able to go through portal
  • Fixed Tinker's Construct Pickaxe issues with the Slider
  • Fixed bug with Mimics suffocating when they spawn
  • Fixed pistons pushing locked dungeon blocks
  • Fixed Slider not being set as current boss when attacked
  • Fixed generation memory leak
  • Fixed overwritten GUI conflicts with other mods
  • Fixed some blocks not being middle clickable, or not being in the search tab
  • Fixed weather in the Aether (no longer rains)
  • Fixed lag with player updates
  • Fixed Skyroot Bucket wrapper
  • Fixed Iron Bubble offset