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Display Aerbunny.png
Health 120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png
Spawn Opaque blocks with a two block space above them
Drops Grid Cloudtwine.png Cloudtwine

Aerbunnies are passive mobs, found only in the Aether.


Aerbunnies spawn on Aether Grass with a light level of at least nine.


Aerbunnies can jump up to two blocks in height, but typically only jump one block up. They move quite randomly, either circling about in a small radius or wandering off to some area in the distance. Aerbunnies are immune to fall damage and will simply slowly float down if they fall from a high height.


When right-clicked on, an Aerbunny will appear on the player's head. It will stay there until the player presses left-shift or until it dies. With one on their head, the player will not take any fall damage.


Aerbunnies can now be tamed with Oranges. When tamed, it will follow or teleport towards you.


  • Their model is similar to the bunny model from DrZhark's Mo' Creatures mod.
  • The dismount key used to be right-click in previous versions of the mod but is now the Left-Shift key.


Issues relating to Aerbunny are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Aerbunny there.


The Aether[]

Aether II[]


  • 1.10b10: New 3D model
  • 1.11b1:
    • Aerbunnies now drop Cloudtwine instead of String
    • They now look at the player correctly
  • 1.11b2: Aerbunnies now hop and wander more