Aether Wiki

After many months of inactivity when it comes to working on updating the wiki, many new recent changes have been made, as well as old ones that had not been touched on in any Week In Reviews during their additions.

Wiki News and Progress[]

Older News[]

  • A system using <tabber> was implemented to allow users to easily switch between variants of a page corresponding to how they were in different versions of the mod. Not all of the pages for older versions have been worked on yet though.
  • Some new CSS was worked on by game_widow for the Main Page as well as other stuff like the <tabber> system.
  • The Page Formatting Guide was updated to account for various new systems on the wiki.
  • Documentation has been improved on various templates.
  • Work was done on some Item pages by LaDestitute
  • The Main Page formatting was improved by game_widow, and updated by me (bconlon).

Recent News[]

  • A directory page for Blocks was added, and all the version tabs for it have blocks listed for each mod version.
  • All block pages for the Highlands version have been updated in content and in style.
  • Version tabs were reordered to account for recent changes with Aether Legacy becoming The Aether.
  • All references to Aether Legacy have mostly been changed to The Aether.