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Current Wiki Project: Mass Updating[]

Okay, so here's our current/community project: mass updating the entire wiki. Update all the pages, defragment/de-orphanize pages, etc. Another portion of this project is preservation so we will have versions for all pages where applicable like Aether I/Legacy and Bconlon has made a handy Template:VersionTabs template for forking pages into versions. When updating an old page, make sure to copypaste the original content (and store in a local doc while editing or something) and then copypaste it to forked pages and edit those drafts accordingly to their versions.

Some things that need to be done for most pages if not all:

  • Update and/or remove content, if it's now untrue or removed (i.e, recipes, vastly changed functionality, etc)
  • Update History sections for Legacy/Highlands pages (most of them are missing this and many Legacy pages have yet to be made)
  • Update issue tracker links for pages as now that GG uses gitea
  • Remove issue tracker sections from Aether I/GOTV but keep them for Highlands/Legacy pages (and link to Legacy's issue tracker instead, you can see Aechor Petal here for example)
  • Update data values, especially for Highlands/Aether I/Legacy, I'm pretty sure GOTV doesn't need updating according to most pages

Some guidelines to note over:

  • Categories like "Foliage", "Usable" will be on main pages but not on their other versions (for cleanliness reasons)
  • Each version will have it's own category as said besides universal/special categories that are cleanup or help related like "Galleryless" (i.e for pages missing galleries)--LaDestitute (talk) 02:34, 2 April 2019 (UTC)

Combining this wiki community with the Aether Wiki on Fandom[]

Gamepedia recently joined forces with Fandom. That means that there are now two Aether wikis under one roof - this one, and Fandom's.

We would like to reunite the two communities into one. The obvious question is: Where should it live?

This wiki here received about 55,000 pageviews last month. The Fandom wiki received about 120,000 pageviews in the same time. That would make the Fandom wiki the seemingly obvious choice, since there are already more people visiting it. However, the wiki here has a few more active editors, and there is likely some content that is more up-to-date here.

That means, what's best for the whole Aether wiki community can only be decided if the active editors on both sides can agree on where they'd like to continue building the best resource on the game. Content can be moved over, but if editors don't want to come together, the wikis can't be reunited.

What do you think? How do you think we can best bring two divided wikis together? If you'd like to see what the users on Fandom are saying, you can follow (and join!) the debate there. Miralaime (talk) 21:34, 9 September 2019 (UTC)

As one of the main editors currently working on updating the Aether Gamepedia, I believe that the best place for the wiki to live is here. The wiki is more up-to-date in terms of information about the Aether Mod's content, considering the editors are much more active here. Attempts to move from the Gamepedia wiki to the Fandom wiki also might break some content, due to reliance on Gamepedia's more advanced editing and management systems. The Fandom wiki should also not be moved here either, as when this Gamepedia wiki was first created, the content from the Fandom wiki was merged to it, so it contains most of the same content. The communities on both wikis are also mostly the same in terms of the active editors, so there is no large division between both that would cause problems with this wiki becoming the only one. BC (talk) 01:12, 11 September 2019 (UTC)
Since there has barely been any activity on the Fandom wiki and no objections to merging the two communities, so long as it happens on Gamepedia, that is what we shall do tomorrow. No content will be moved from Fandom to this wiki - unless you want to and are up for doing it. The Fandom wiki is still receiving twice as many pageviews as this wiki is (judging by the last 30 days), but since there are more editors here, that still seems like the best path to take. I recommend taking a moment to check if there really isn't anything on the Fandom wiki that you'd like to transfer here, and that might be partially responsible for the higher visitor count there. There content may have been untouched for a long time and less up-to-date, but perhaps there is still something valuable to find on the most popular pages.
After the merge, the Fandom wiki will be locked down and no longer editable, and there will be a banner pointing here, but the content will remain up for readers, and can still be exported via Special:Export. Miralaime (talk) 18:03, 31 October 2019 (UTC)