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Biomes are a feature in the Aether II mod. Like the scientific term, biomes are defined as regions in The Aether with their own flora and fauna and often have their own distinct climate and ecosystems.


The qualities of a biome such as lake size and depth or island Y-height, trees, etc can vary per island. While there are no official distinct biome variants outside of megacoasts, some are listed for ease of categorization and identification. Like vanilla Minecraft, Aether's biomes also follow the game's temperature-system.

Biome variants[]


A variant of the Highlands and Arctic Peaks biomes, where the Quicksoil/Highlands Packed Ice coasts generate as a much larger and wider span than normal, enough to make them a significant portion of the island.


A variant of the Highlands and Magnetic Hills biomes, where terrain generation is much flatter and generally lacks any mountains or hills, save for very gentle slope-like hills.


A variant of the Magnetic Hills and Highlands biomes, where a major portion of the island generated are large bodies of water.


A variant of the Highlands and Arctic Peaks biomes, these variants are incredibly mountainous and steep but are distinct by the note that the summits of each mountain-level is generally flat, like a real-like plateau.




Biome IDs[]

Dec Hex ID Name Biome Name Temperature
40 28 aether:aether_highlands Highlands 0.37 (Medium)
41 29 aether:aether_magnetic_hills Magnetic Hills 0.38 (Medium)
42 30 aether:aether_arctic_peaks Arctic Peaks 0.06 (Cold)
43 31 aether:aether_forgotten_highlands Forgotten Highlands 0.16 (Cold)
44 32 aether:aether_irradiated_forests Irradiated Forests 0.08 (Cold)