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Blueberry Lollipop
Type Food
Durability No
Restores Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

Mysterious figure neutral.png Children from far and wide love these little suckers. May or may not turn you into a giant blueberry.
~ Mysterious Figure on Blueberry Lollipop

Blueberry Lollipop is an item found in the Aether.


Blueberry Lollipops are crafted from Blue Berries, among other materials needed.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Blueberry Lollipop Sugar +
Blue Berry +
Skyroot Stick

Crafting GUI.png

Grid Sugar.png

Grid Blue Berry.png

Grid Skyroot Stick.png

Grid Blueberry Lollipop.png


When eaten, it recovers ten hunger points (five hunger drums).

Data values[]

Blueberry Lollipop's data values are:

Name ID name DV
Grid Blueberry Lollipop.png Blueberry Lollipop aether:blueberryLollipop 4215 (dec), 1077 (hex), 1000001110111 (bin)


Oddly, the Blueberry Lollipop restores more hunger than the Orange Lollipop. Even though the Orange restores more hunger than the Blue Berry.

The Mysterious figures description of "may or may not turn you into a giant blueberry" could be referencing charlie and the chocolate factory as one of the children chewed Willy Wonka's gum when it started to taste like blueberry pie and bloated up while turning blue thus becoming a "a giant blueberry".


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