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Display Cockatrice.png
Health 16 (120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png)
Spawn At night time
Drops Grid Cockatrice Feather.png 0-64 Cockatrice Feathers

When the sun falls, Cockatrices crawl away from their well-hidden nests, ready to attack!
~ kingbdogz

Cockatrices are a common bird-like hostile mob found in the Aether.


Cockatrices spawn exclusively at night and may spawn in large groups but however do not die upon day arriving.


Cockatrices are currently bugged and while they do actually have hostile behavior, a bug causes them to behave as passive and never attack the player, even if in Easy mode or harder.


  • Cockatrices have been reported to spawn inside houses with insufficient lighting.
  • Using the /ride command from the Single Player Commands mod enables riding and controlling Cockatrices. However, they will attack after dismounting.
  • Cockatrices are based on a mythological creature that is hatched from a chicken egg laid on a full moon by a 7-year old hen, and incubated for 6 years by snakes or toads. They fire poisonous quills from their tail, their gaze can petrify, and their breath is deadly. Coincidentally, both Cockatrices and Moa are based on creatures from the past, whether extinct or myth.


Issues relating to Cockatrice are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Cockatrice there.


The Aether[]

Aether II[]


  • 1.10b1: Cockatrices now have updated models[1]