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Dart Shooter
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Type Ranged Weapon
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Data Value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

Dart Shooters are an item in the Aether. They shoot powerful Darts, which are not affected by gravity.


Some of the Dart Shooters can be obtained via crafting while the Phoenix Dart Shooter is only available via Continuum Orbs.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Dart Shooter Skyroot Plank +
Golden Amber

Crafting GUI.png

Grid Skyroot Plank.png

Grid Skyroot Plank.png

Grid Golden Amber.png

Grid Dart Shooter.png

Poison Shooter Dart Shooter +
Skyroot Poison Bucket

Crafting GUI.png

Grid Dart Shooter.png

Grid Skyroot Poison Bucket.png

Grid Poison Shooter.png

Enchanting ingredient[]


Grid Dart Shooter.png

Grid Ambrosium Shard.png


Grid Altar.png

Grid Enchanted Dart Shooter.png


Right-clicking while with a Dart Shooter in an active slot will fire a Dart, as long as there is ammo available to expend or while in Creative Mode. Left-clicking otherwise will make the Dart Shooter function as a melee weapon. Dart Shooters have no durability and can be shot without any delay between shots.

Poison Darts and/or Shooters inflict Poison, Enchanted Darts and/or Shooters inflict increased damage, and Phoenix Shooters spawn a fire wherever they land.


Data values[]

Dart Shooter's data values are:

Name ID name DV
Grid Dart Shooter.png Golden Dart Shooter aether:dartShooter 4101 (dec), 1005 (hex), 1000000000101 (bin)
Grid Poison Shooter.png Poison Dart Shooter aether:dartShooter 1 (DV), 4101 (dec), 1005 (hex), 1000000000101 (bin)
Grid Enchanted Dart Shooter.png Enchanted Dart Shooter aether:dartShooter 2 (DV), 4101 (dec), 1005 (hex), 1000000000101 (bin)
Grid Phoenix Dart Shooter.png Phoenix Dart Shooter aether:dartShooter 3 (DV), 4101 (dec), 1005 (hex), 1000000000101 (bin)


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