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Spawn Outposts

Disambig.png This article is about the NPC. For the related lore entry, see Book of Lore/Edison.
As many “heroes” appear in the Aether’s many kingdoms, there are an equal amount of villainous, selfish individuals that only aim to benefit themselves.
~ Book of Lore

Edison's default dialogue portrait

Edison Wrenk is a NPC and will serve as an important NPC as both of the mod's plot and as a merchant of dubious and/or overpriced wares.


A separate instance of Edison will spawn per individual Outpost structure but each Edison is functionally the same.


Right-clicking on Edison will cause the player to engage in conversation with Edison, with branching dialogue based on what the player chooses. Edison, at the time of writing, had no function other than dialogue, but now he acts as trader, like his lore will say. Edison is immune to all kinds of damage.


  • Edison is stated to have a deeply crippling illness, which would have costed his life; and would not have been alive if not for the 'devils deal' he made with the Necromancer (for full lore info, see Edison's Illness lore)
  • Liberty stated while he was on the official Aether Minecraft server, Edison is based off the inventor Thomas Edison, who was believed to have patented stolen inventions, however, this is no longer relevant due to Liberty leaving the development team and now Edison only shares his namesake.
  • Currently, Edison can also be summoned with the /summon command, respectively "/summon aether:edison". If summoned to the player's mouse or player location, Edison behaves as normal.


Issues relating to Edison are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Edison there.



  • 1.10b7: Introduced
  • 1.10b8:
    • Fixed a bug where the character's portrait would be hidden in dialogue GUIs
    • Fixed Edison model bugs
  • 1.10b11: Now invincible to all kinds of damage
  • 1.11b2: Dialogue improved
  • 1.11b5: Edison no longer crashes the game
  • 1.11b6: Edison now properly generates in Outposts