Enchanting is a mechanic used to create new items, as well as repair tools, armor, and weapons. Enchanting in the Aether II mod is different from overworld Enchanting (which uses an Enchanting Table) and instead uses an Altar.


Blocks and/or items can be enchanted using an Altar. Right-clicking the Altar with Ambrosium Shards will place them on the Altar, up to 64 maximum. To enchant blocks and/or items, place them on the Altar via right-clicking, and it does not matter if Ambrosium Shards were added first or afterwards.

They will spin around, and spin faster if more shards are added. To remove shards, right-click the Altar with anything other than possible enchantable blocks or items, and the shards will drop out.


The following items can be enchanted:

Repairing use

It can also repair both vanilla and mod items, although this function has been partially covered by the Anvil as of Minecraft 1.4.2. All items can be repaired to full durability at a cost of five Ambrosium Shards.


  • In the original The Aether mod, enchanting had an actual GUI like a Furnace or Crafting Table.


Issues relating to Enchanting are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Enchanting there.


The Aether

Aether II

  • Initial release: Introduced, is now interactive and has a different appearance


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