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A Forgotten Highlands island

Forgotten Highlands are a rare biome vaguely similar to the first Aether mod.


Skyroot and Amberoot are the only kind of trees in Forgotten Highlands. Terrain features wise, Forgotten Highlands are generally flat but hilly and always have an abundance of tall grass. They can be as mountainous as their Highlands counterparts, however. Common to this biome, the edges of Forgotten Highlands biomes are very mountainous and sheer, making them difficult to get onto if not for occasional gentler slopes.

Basins are common as well. Bodies of water do not generate here and entrances to Caves in the mainlands of these biomes are very rare. Aerclouds do not generate here, except for the fringes of these biomes. Forgotten Highlands also lack Quicksoil coasts and do not have the patches of Quicksoil common to Highlands biomes. Exclusive to this biome, Forgotten Highlands may have inverted cliffs under the edges of them of varying size and scale, which are commonly found at lower elevation and may be partially covered by Aercloud beds.


Issues relating to Forgotten Highlands are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Forgotten Highlands there.