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Gold Dungeons are currently not implemented yet in the Aether II, although there are hints from the Aether Team that they might add a similar type dungeon in the future.

The Golden Dungeon is the hardest Dungeon in the Aether, but it produces the best rewards by completing it. Unlike other dungeons, instead of having to venture inside the dungeon until you reach the Boss Room, you will go straight into the boss battle. Gold Dungeons look like giant spheres floating in the air with smaller spheres attached to the large one. They also have an abundance of Golden Oaks on top of it and will most likely spawn Cockatrices due to the low light level. To get inside, you have to look around the circumference of the giant sphere until you see an opening. Go into that opening to find a room made out of Hellfire Stone. The Gold Dungeon's boss is The Sun God (Spirit). It is impossible to place any water in the Gold Dungeon, probably due to the fact that The Sun God is living in there and, therefore, water evaporates too quickly because of the heat.

The Dungeon Chest is within the back wall and contains the best Aether treasures, such as the Vampire Blade, Phoenix Armor, Shard of Life, Pig Slayer, Iron Bubble, Book of Lore Volume 3, Gravitite Armor, Cloud Staff, and the Sun Altar.