Concept Model For The Aerbear

Mob Stage

In Development



The Aerbear was a planned mob in The Aether II. Not much is known about the Aerbear, other than concept art depicting it and that it will be a type of NPC. It was suggested by Oscar Payn, one of the lead developers of The Aether and The Aether II. They are going to be 3 blocks high and will probably have a "dueling" function where you can fight one of them. They will mostly live in small villages with low buildings which surround a large Library. Kingbdogz mentioned that they would be rideable. Right now there have been two model pictures released that depict the NPC in-game. Oscar Payn has said that the Aerbear will most likely not appear in the Aether Highland update due to their API needing more work.

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