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Disclaimer: This mod is currently in alpha development and may not be fully intended for mod compatibility. Please use other mods at your own risk, especially if they are not in the known compatible list.

This troubleshooting page is made to help with any installation problems you might encounter. Please keep in mind that it is hard to account for every possible bug. When reading the solutions to a problem, it is best to read down the list and try each solution until one works. If you do not see your problem listed, post a question in the guide's Discussion page or join the Discord sever here and post in #help.

Known Compatible[]

  • FTB Guides
  • FTB Lib
  • FTB Utilities
  • JEI
  • Tellme

Mod Doesn't Load (No Crash)[]

  • Make sure you included all two of the mods that the Aether II requires. Here they are:

Still getting a no load? Here are some solutions for problems with specific mods:

Other mods/issues[]

It is possible that one of your mods simply doesn't work with the Aether. One easy, but not definite, way to identify incompatible mods is by checking for class files that your mod and the Aether (or any of the required API mods) uses.

Built an Aether Portal out of Glowstone, it doesn't work![]

Please see Aether Portal. It's been replaced.

Hostile mobs in the Aether aren't attacking me[]

Be sure to turn off Peaceful mode if you want to be attacked.

See also[]