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Holidays in the Aether mod are events that are associated with a real-life Holiday, with the times and/or items of the event associated with it.


There are three Holiday Events in the Aether, each with their own special features associated with them.


During the Halloween event, the main feature is the appearance of a Mysterious Figure in the Outposts of the Aether. This Mysterious Figure is a shop NPC, and when right clicked, a shop GUI will open up with the special Halloween items that they sell. All of these items are candy, but they can only be bought with a special Currency gotten by selling Plumproots to the NPC.


During the Christmas event, Edison offers a special Christmas shop selection which can be opened with a new dialogue option. He sells new items such as candy, a Winter Hat, and Edison's Crazy Mutant Tree Sapling.

New Years[]

During the New Years event, Edison offers a 50% discount on his Holiday shop stock.


The Holiday Events in the Aether occur during different times of the year, each with a specific starting and ending date. They automatically occur in the Player's world during the specified time frame.

Event Start Date End Date
Halloween October 1st October 31st
Christmas December 18th January 7th
New Years January 1st January 7th