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Holystone Sword
Type Weapon
Durability 132 uses

The Holystone Sword is a Tier 2 Aether II melee weapon that has, like the rest of the Holystone Tools, the ability to generate Ambrosium , this Ambrosium is seen appear from the Sword and is then able to be picked up off the ground. The exact rate at which Ambrosium is generated is unknown, and reports vary from streaks of bad luck to an Ambrosium Shard every ten uses.

A Holystone Sword deals three and a half hearts of damage.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Holystone Sword Holystone +
Skyroot Stick

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Grid Holystone.png

Grid Holystone.png

Grid Skyroot Stick.png

Grid Holystone Sword.png