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An Irradiated Forests island

Irradiated Forests are a rare biome, with yellow grass and ravines.


Irradiated Forests have generation somewhat similar to Highlands biomes. However, the elevation variation is often much higher than the Highlands biome. They also generally lack Quicksoil coasts of any kind, save for small clusters of quicksoil on the fringes, sometimes. Irradiated Forests contain bottomless and huge ravines that run through them. Said ravines can intersect, leading to Y or X shaped patterns. Exploration of them can be difficult, especially due to the ravines.

Amberoot are the only kind of trees in Irradiated Forests and the grass is a distinct kind of enchanted grass, leading to the biome's distinctive yellow-bleached appearance. Aerclouds do not commonly generate here, except more often for the fringes and ravines of these biomes.



  • Gilded Games has stated the lore reason for the way Irradiated Forests look is due to an ambrosium-based doomsday-level weapon for war.


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