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Display Wisproot Leaves.png
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Grid Green Skyroot Leaves.png
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Grid Blue Skyroot Leaves.png
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Grid Amberoot Leaves.png
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Grid Mutated Leaves.png
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Grid Decorated Mutated Leaves.png
Sell Value Gilt 1  (except Mutated)
Transparent Partial (diffuses sky light)
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 1
Tool Arkenium Shears
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Drops Grid Green Skyroot Sapling.png Saplings (0-1)
Grid Skyroot Pinecone.png Skyroot Pinecone (0-1)
Data Value See Data values
ID Name See Data values

Disambig.png This article is about the Aether block. For the Theran block, see Therawood Leaves.

Leaves are blocks which grow on trees in the Aether.


Leaves can only be obtained with Arkenium Shears or Silk Touch enchanted tools.

Block Green Skyroot Leaves.png Leaves
Hardness 0.2
Breaktex.png Breaking time[note 1]
Hand 0.35
Shears 0.05
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.

Natural generation[]

Leaves generate naturally on Trees that spawn on all islands. The trees can also be spawned with Saplings.



Leaves behave the same as Overworld Leaves, however they also generate particles that look like small leaves and are colored the same as the leaf block they came from. In addition to the normal leaf particles.

When leaves are broken without Arkenium Shears, they have a 5% chance of dropping their corresponding Sapling and a 1% chance of dropping a Skyroot Pinecone. They also have a 6.66% chance to spawn a Skyroot Lizard corresponding to the wood type of the leaf.


  • Note that despite the fact that you can see through leaves, mobs apparently can't. It could be beneficial to build a wall out of leaves because of this.

Data values[]

Block Namespaced ID
Green Skyroot Leaves.png Green Skyroot Leaves aether:green_skyroot_leaves
Blue Skyroot Leaves.png Blue Skyroot Leaves aether:blue_skyroot_leaves
Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves.png Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves aether:dark_blue_skyroot_leaves
Green Wisproot Leaves.png Green Wisproot Leaves aether:green_light_skyroot_leaves
Blue Wisproot Leaves.png Blue Wisproot Leaves aether:blue_light_skyroot_leaves
Dark Blue Wisproot Leaves.png Dark Blue Wisproot Leaves aether:dark_blue_light_skyroot_leaves
Green Greatroot Leaves.png Green Greatroot Leaves aether:green_dark_skyroot_leaves
Blue Greatroot Leaves.png Blue Greatroot Leaves aether:blue_dark_skyroot_leaves
Dark Blue Greatroot Leaves.png Dark Blue Greatroot Leaves aether:dark_blue_dark_skyroot_leaves
Amberoot Leaves.png Amberoot Leaves aether:amberoot_leaves
Mutated Leaves.png Mutated Leaves aether:mutant_leaves
Decorated Mutated Leaves.png Decorated Mutated Leaves aether:mutant_leaves_decorated


Issues relating to Leaves are maintained on the Aether Issue Tracker. Report issues for Leaves there.


Aether II: Highlands Alpha
? Introduced.
1.10b1 New block ids (4109-4112) and new textures, support removed for opaque versions, Purple Crystal leaves removed.
Highlands Update - 0.2.0 - fix: Leaves in generated trees now decay


The Aether[]

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.04:
    • Crystal Leaves added
    • Christmas Leaves now decay
    • Transparency issue with Christmas Leaves fixed
    • Skyroot Leaves dropping normal overworld Leaves fixed