• The removed Purple Crystal Leaves were previously called Crystal Leaves, grew on Crystal Trees, instead gave off cyan particles, and used to drop White Apples. Their original texture was OlderCrystalLeafTexture.png .

Data values

Leaves' data values are:

Name ID name DV
GreenSkyrootLeaves.png Green Skyroot Leaves aether:greenSkyrootLeaves 186 (dec), BA (hex), 10111010 (bin)
GoldenOakLeaves.png Golden Oak Leaves aether:goldenOakLeaves 187 (dec), BB (hex), 10111011 (bin)
DarkBlueSkyrootLeaves.png Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves aether:darkBlueSkyrootLeaves 223 (dec), DF (hex), 11011111 (bin)
BlueSkyrootLeaves.png Blue Skyroot Leaves aether:blueSkyrootLeaves 224 (dec), E0 (hex), 11100000 (bin)

The Aether II

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.7.10-1.3:
    • Fixed placed Aether Leaves decaying
    • Fixed missing texture for Purple Crystal Leaves on different languages
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