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A Magnetic Hills island

Magnetic Hills are a biome with Ferrosite Sand coasts and Magnetic Grass.


They may have large floating pillars due to their namesake. Ferrosite is why the biome's signature pillars float, leaving deep bottomless chasms. Said chasms may also still have ground intact, despite having the bottom covered by an Aercloud bed.

A chasm is always found under Ferrosite pillars and said chasms can even be one block wide. Said pillars can also be nearly rooted to the ground, making some appear to be difficult to notice from a normal hill. Chasms can very in size, from one-block large to general size or even massive chasms.



  • Magnetic Hills make a good choice for a mining outpost-like addition to a base, due to the chasms providing easy access to both small reserves of ore and an easy way into caves.


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