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Health 10 (120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png)
Spawn Moa nests
Drops Grid Moa Feather.png 0-64 Moa Feathers

Moas; peaceful and majestic giant birds.
~ Brandon Pearce

Moas are large passive avians that populate the Aether and come in a variety of colors and patterns.


Moas spawn in Moa nests. To get their own Moa, the player must steal an egg from a wild Moa Nest and hatch it using an Incubator. Hatched Moas emerge fully grown and must be saddled before they can be ridden. Moas come in a multitude of possible coat base colors, which are randomly chosen. Said current colors are orange, black, cyan, brown, yellow, white, pink, and grey. However, a Moa's nose, eyes, back patterns and feet may also generate not matching the coat.

In the Aether II, Moas have four distinct variable features. Those being feathers, keratin, eyes, and feather shape. The feathers can be one of three shapes, curved, flat, or pointed, and are the base color of the Moa. Feather color dictates the color of most of its body. The colors are black, grey, and white, plus light and dark versions of the roygbiv standard color spectrum. Specifically Red/Deep Red, Orange/Iroko, Yellow/Lisbon Brown, Lime Green/Mallard, Green/Everglade, Sky Blue/Plantation, Blue/Cloud Burst, Purple/Port Gore, Pink/Bossanova, and Puse/Livid Brown. Moas drop feathers that are their respective feather color, Moas of the same color spawn in the same nest, and if an egg is laid, it will eventually hatch into a wild baby Moa. Because of this, the player can collect feathers from the parent Moas in order to tell what color the nest's Moa egg is, without picking up the egg and provoking the parent Moas.


Moas are protective and will attack the player if they steal a nest's egg. When a player is riding a Moa around, a number will appear above their hotbar. The number indicates how long the Moa can fly and flying will cause the number to count down. Said number resets after landing on a solid block and once fully depleted, a Moa mount will start to glide downwards instead. Fly time is determined by a Moa's genetics, and each 'jump' is worth 10, so a Moa with two jumps will have a max fly-value of 20. In Aether II, tamed Moas all have the same max fly-value of 20 and max health of 30 (15 full hearts).


  • Moas are named after a long-extinct species of bird by the same name. However, unlike Moas from the Aether, these large birds were flightless. Cockatrices and Moas are inspired from creatures from the past, whether extinct or mythical. 
  • Moas will follow the player if they are holding vanilla wheat.
  • In the Aether Legacy mod, there is an Orange Moa that only has two jumps, but is incredibly fast.


Issues relating to Moa are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Moa there.


The Aether[]

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.01: Moas being untamable fixed
  • 1.02:
    • When riding a saddled Moa, a jump meter will now appear above your armor defense
    • Saddled Moas no longer wander around
    • The time taken for baby Moas to digest their Aechor Petals has now been decreased
    • Baby Moas no longer lay eggs
    • Saddled Moas no longer despawn.
    • Fixed a bug where Black Moas would only be able to perform 6 mid-air jumps instead of 8 as intended
    • Fixed an audio-related issue with Moas and Phygs
  • 1.04: Fixed a bug where White Moa Eggs would be slightly blue

Aether II[]

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • Added two new Moa donator skins
    • Moas no longer lay eggs while mounted.
    • Moas now lay eggs at a very decreased rate.
    • Fixed a depth-rendering issue with name tags on Companions and Baby Moas.


  • 1.10b1:
    • Moas come in 30 different colors and there are fourteen million color combinations (14307150)[1][2][3][4]
    • Moas now have color designated for nine body parts[5]
    • Moa nest blocks and structures[6][7][8]
    • Moas will now aggro towards the player if they attempt to steal eggs or attack Moas[9][10][11]
    • Moas now have genetics and genders[12]
    • Moas now mate to produce eggs[13]
  • 1.10b6: Fixed Moa breeding crashing Sponge servers
  • 1.10b7: Male Moas now periodically drop Moa Feathers
  • 1.10b10: Fixed Moa head and body model issues
  • 1.10b11: Fixed Moa rendering with invisibility potions
  • 1.11b7: Moas can now only be saddled with Moa Saddles