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Orbis is an utility mod currently being developed by Gilded Games to help with content creation and generation in the Aether II. Not only does it primarily serve as a structure creation tool but also has further functionality as a fluid and dynamic world-generation utility.


Orbis is being primarily developed by Brandon Pearce, the Aether II's lead developer but also with major help from Emile van Krieken, the project's composer. It is intended to be publicly available later as a standalone mod to help other modders once it's implementation is fully finished.


Orbis is comprised of general brush based creation tools and structure creation tools but Orbis can also generate structures based on provided blueprints and change instances procedurally per generated structure. This extends to Orbis being able to use a frameworks and pathway system like a procedurally generated 'spiderweb' on the fly to help create multi-set structures such as villages or dungeons. Orbis has many usable simple but powerful features, which are called Powers with it's GUI.

Said powers include but are not limited to:

  • Brush
  • Delete
  • Fill
  • Replace
  • Select


Blueprints are created structures that can be saved and used for structure generation. Blueprints have a set of layers, which each can have their own blocks or block palettes, allowing for blueprints to store structures that are complex or multilevel. Blueprints also can have procedurally set properties or conditions per layer.


Palettes are a function where multiple blocks or blueprints can be placed into a 4x4 GUI and then used with Fill, Replace, and Delete powers. Blueprint palettes behave differently, however, as they tell Orbis to pick a random blueprint from the palette when generating. It is also a weighted generation, so having more of the same blueprint in a palette increases its chances of showing up when generating structures.


Issues relating to Orbis are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Orbis there.


Indev builds[]

  • 1.11b7: Introduced
  • 1.11b8:
    • Spectators can now quickly switch between dev-mode and spectator-mode
    • Orbis now has data caches for Select Power copied regions
    • Orbis now uses Uniform selection for shapes
    • Orbis now has the shape math fixed when in Uniform selection mode
    • Cylinder shape code cleaned up
    • Cylinder shape no longer restricts to select start position
  • Nightly Changes:
    • Block_data item is now Block Chunks and has new render in inventory (11/08/2017)
    • For Fill: Forged blocks can now be created; this allows block types to be combined for selecting. Can be used in Fill, Replace, and Delete powers (11/13/2017)
    • Fixed forged blocks not being usable in fill menu gui (11/14/2017)
    • Fixed blueprint culling issue (11/14/2017)
    • Forged Blocks changed to Block Palettes and they now have renders to represent all blocks inside the selection made (11/14/2017)
    • Memory leak caused by using ItemStacks as keys fixed (11/14/2017)
    • Fixed combine matrix not rendering in vanilla inventory GUI (11/14/2017)
    • Memory leak above fully fixed now, was a problem with not implementing hashcode (11/14/2017)
    • Combine matrix is now 16 slots for GUI (11/14/2017)
    • Precaution for Block Chunks to now use itemstacks as keys since they are unreliable for caching (11/14/2017)
    • Blueprint items now render like Block Chunks (11/15/2017)
    • Blueprint regions placing twice on integrated servers fixed (11/15/2017)
    • Bug with reading back NBT/NBT maps fixed (11/16/2017)
    • Weighting working properly with blueprint palettes fixed (11/16/2017)
    • Fixed client power handler not getting its onOpenGUI method called (11/16/2017)
    • Forge button in Blueprint GUI only enabled when 2 or more blueprints inside matrix fixed (11/16/2017)
    • NPE catch if palette is empty fixed (11/16/2017)
    • Fixed brush size not changing or flowing with movement or mouse usage (11/21/2017)
    • Blueprints/etc now can be placed with both mouse buttons, they now generate when holding down mouse buttons and no longer place Air when used (11/21/2017)
    • Fixed Blueprints/Palettes/Block Chunks/etc canceling the mouse event preventing normal input while placing (11/21/2017)
    • Mouse wheel not functioning correctly in Brush Mode now fixed (11/21/2017)
    • Crashing on servers when opening Blueprint GUI should be fixed (11/21/2017)
    • Several checks implemented so that blueprints/brushes don't flow when in GUIs (11/21/2017)
    • Fixed Orbis not being read properly in workspaces that weren't in a jar (11/23/2017)
    • Fixed a crash when entering the Aether in a dev workspace (11/23/2017)
    • Right-clicking regions in the Brush selection mode now works (11/23/2017)