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Natural generation[]

Quicksoil can be found naturally generated in small patches on the sides of islands. Quicksoil also now generates as coasts covering the fringes of most islands and in 'pools' in mainland.


Quicksoil will majorly increase the movement speed of any players or mobs that walk on it, even more dramatically with additional Speed buffs. While the movement speed increase may be useful, it can be hazardous as players can accidentally fall to their deaths if unaware.

It can also be smelted in a Holystone Furnace to be turned into Quicksoil Glass. Quicksoil Glass still retains its special ability (increasing movement speed), but, however, it is not as powerful as Quicksoil. Its overworld counterpart, Sand, can also make glass, but Sand cannot speed players up.

Smelting ingredient[]


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Grid Quicksoil Glass.png

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The Aether II[]