===='''Enchanting'''==== {{Grid/Altar |Input=Quicksoil |AA=1 |Output=Quicksoil Glass}} ===='''Smelting'''==== {{Grid/Furnace |Input=Quicksoil |Output=Quicksoil Glass}} ==Data values== Quicksoil Glass's data values are: {| border="1" |- | Name | ID name | [[Data values|DV]] |- | [[File:quicksoilGlass.png]] Quicksoil Glass | aether:quicksoilGlass | 204 (dec), CC (hex), 11001100 (bin) |} ==='''[[Aether II]]'''=== *[[]]: [[File:Display Quicksoil Glass.png|30px]] The texture was changed again. *[[]]: Players can no longer sneak to prevent falling off of Quicksoil Glass

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