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Saplings come in five kinds, which are Green Skyroot, Golden Oak, Blue Skyroot, Purple Crystal, and Dark Blue Skyroot.

When Leaves are destroyed by any tool (besides shears), Green Skyroot Leaves have a 10% chance of dropping a sapling. Dark Blue Skyroot Leaves instead have a 4% chance, while Blue Skyroot Leaves have a 8% chance, and Purple Crystal Leaves and Golden Oak Leaves have a 2% chance.

Data values[]

Sapling's data values are:

Name ID name DV
GreenSkyrootSapling.png Green Skyroot Sapling aether:greenSkyrootSapling 188 (dec), BC (hex), 10111100 (bin)
GoldenOakSapling.png Golden Oak Sapling aether:goldenOakSapling 189 (dec), BD (hex), 10111101 (bin)
BlueSkyrootSapling.png Blue Skyroot Sapling aether:blueSkyrootSapling 225 (dec), E1 (hex), 11100001 (bin)
PurpleCrystalSapling.png Purple Crystal Sapling aether:purpleCrystalSapling 230 (dec), E6 (hex), 11100110 (bin)
DarkBlueSkyrootSapling.png Dark Blue Skyroot Sapling aether:darkBlueSkyrootSapling 233 (dec), E9 (hex), 11101001 (bin)

Aether II[]

  • Initial release: Introduced, with new Dark Blue, Crystal, and Blue Saplings