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Sheepuff/Aether II
Health 10 (120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png120px-Heart.svg.png)
Spawn Opaque blocks with a two block space above them
Drops Grid Cloudwool.png Cloudwool

Sheepuffs are Aether passive mobs.


Sheepuffs spawn on Aether Grass with a light level of at least nine and spawn exclusively in the Forgotten Highlands biome.


Sheepuffs behave near identically to their previous incarnations. They can 'puff' high into the air like a rocket and slowly float to the ground, occasionally to their death. Sheepuff also puff when hit or eating food. They can be sheared for Cloudwool.

Sheepuff may occasionally eat grass, reverting it into an Aether Dirt tile. Sheared Sheepuff will regenerate their wool but cannot puff while in wool-less state. Sheepuff can be bred with Wheat.



  • Nightly Changes:
    • Reimplemented (2/22/2019)
    • Sheepuff issue fixes (3/14/2019)
    • Model changes (3/14/2019)