Type Tool
Durability Skyroot: 60 uses
Holystone: 132 uses
Zanite: 251 uses
Gravitite: 1562 uses
Valkyrie: 1001 uses
Renewable Yes, only Skyroot
Stackable No
Data Value See Data values
ID Name See Data values
Edison Portrait Neutral.png
A staple shovel to start your journey.
~ Edison on Skyroot Shovel

Shovels are a type of tool and have the function of making soft-blocks easier to collect, such as Aether Dirt and Quicksoil.


Valkyrie Shovels are dropped by defeated Slider bosses, with a 0.75% chance.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Skyroot Shovel Skyroot Stick +
Skyroot Plank
Holystone Shovel Holystone +
Skyroot Stick
Zanite Shovel Skyroot Stick +
Zanite Gemstone
Gravitite Shovel Skyroot Stick +
Enchanted Gravitite


Shovels are used to break Aether Dirt and blocks similar to it, but faster than if by only hand or with other tools. Breaking blocks consumes one durability, while blocks that instantly break do not.

Each type of shovel has unique passive abilities. Skyroot doubles drops from naturally-generated blocks, Holystone has a chance to drop Ambrosium Shards, Zanite gets stronger as it's durability decreases, Gravitite (except for Swords) can send blocks flying from use on right-click at the cost of four durability, and Valkyrie has extended reach.

Skyroot Shovels can be used as fuel for Holystone Furnaces, smelting one item per shovel.


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different)
First Ones Double.png First Ones Double Craft a Skyroot tool or weapon Oddly Familiar Use a Skyroot Crafting Table to craft a tool or weapon made out of Skyroot

Data values

Data values for shovels are:

Name ID name DV
Grid Skyroot Shovel.png Skyroot Shovel aether:skyrootShovel 4109 (dec), 100D (hex), 1000000001101 (bin)
Grid Holystone Shovel.png Holystone Shovel aether:holystoneShovel 4110 (dec), 100E (hex), 1000000001110 (bin)
Grid Zanite Shovel.png Zanite Shovel aether:zaniteShovel 4111 (dec), 100F (hex), 1000000001111 (bin)
Grid Gravitite Shovel.png Gravitite Shovel aether:gravititeShovel 4112 (dec), 1010 (hex), 1000000010000 (bin)
Grid Valkyrie Shovel.png Valkyrie Shovel aether:valkyrieShovel 4178 (dec), 1052 (hex), 1000001010010 (bin)


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The Aether

  • Initial release: Introduced
  • 1.01: Non-generated Quicksoil was still returning drops with a Skyroot Shovel. This exploit has been patched
  • 1.04: Fixed Aether Shovels not picking up snowballs from snow patches.

Aether II

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