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This template is used to create a grid that shows Altar crafting techniques.


|Output=Enchanted Dart
|IA = 16
|OA = 16}}


Grid Dart.png


Grid Ambrosium Shard.png


Grid Altar.png

Grid Enchanted Dart.png


The link parameters support linking to <tabber> pages, and more information on how can be found on the Page Format Guide.

The input and output slot parameters can support specifying different versions of icons, which is also explained on the Page Format Guide.

AA Specifies the amount of Ambrosium Shards used in the Altar.
OA and IA can also be set to specify input and output amounts.

The OA, AA, and IA fields accept digits 2-99. Using any number lower or leaving a field blank will show nothing, using 100 to 109 will only show the last two digits (although this can be utilized to output 01 instead of just 1, for example), using anything higher will only show the last digit.

Use the available images listed below.

Available images


Natural Blocks
Aerogel Grid Aerogel.png Cold Aercloud Grid Cold Aercloud.png Blue Aercloud Grid Blue Aercloud.png Holystone Grid Holystone.png Skyroot Log Grid Skyroot Wood.png
Dungeon Blocks
Carved Stone Grid Carved Stone.png Mossy Holystone Grid Mossy Holystone.png Sentry Stone Grid Sentry Stone.png
Skyroot Plank Grid Skyroot Plank.png Skyroot Stick Grid Skyroot Stick.png Fence Grid Fence.png Ladders Grid Ladders.png
Wooden Door Grid Wooden Door.png
Crafting Table Grid Crafting Table.png Chest Grid Chest.png Altar Grid Altar.png Incubator Grid Incubator.png
Ambrosium Torch Grid Ambrosium Torch.png


Raw Materials
Ambrosium Shard Grid Ambrosium Shard.png Aechor Petal Grid Aechor Petal.png Feather Grid Feather.png Leather Grid Leather.png Zanite Gemstone Grid Zanite Gemstone.png
Zanite Shovel Grid Zanite Shovel.png Zanite Pickaxe Grid Zanite Pickaxe.png Zanite Axe Grid Zanite Axe.png Nature Staff Grid Nature Staff.png
Cloud Parachute Grid Cloud Parachute.png Saddle Grid Saddle.png
Skyroot Bucket Grid Skyroot Bucket.png Poison Bucket Grid Poison Bucket.png
Moa Eggs
Black Moa Egg Grid Black Moa Egg.png
Zanite Sword Grid Zanite Sword.png Dart Shooter Grid Dart Shooter.png Golden Dart Grid Golden Dart.png Enchanted Dart (Blue) Grid Enchanted Dart (Blue).png Enchanted Dart (Purple) Grid Enchanted Dart (Purple).png
Flaming Sword Grid Flaming Sword.png Valkyrie Lance Grid Valkyrie Lance.png Lightning Knife Grid Lightning Knife.png Phoenix Bow Grid Phoenix Bow.png Hammer of Notch Grid Hammer of Notch.png
Zanite Gloves Grid GotV-Zanite Gloves.png Leather Gloves Grid Leather Gloves.png Iron Gloves Grid Iron Gloves.png Golden Gloves Grid Golden Gloves.png Diamond Gloves Grid Diamond Gloves.png Gravitite Gloves Grid Gravitite Gloves.png
Zanite Ring Grid Zanite Ring.png Iron Ring Grid Iron Ring.png Ice Ring Grid Ice Ring.png Silver Pendant File:Grid Silver Pendant.png
Dungeon Items
Blue Gummie Swet Grid Blue Gummie Swet.png Gold Gummie Swet Grid Gold Gummie Swet.png Book of Lore Volume 1 Grid Book of Lore Volume 1.png Book of Lore Volume 3 Grid Book of Lore Volume 3.png

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