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This template renders list used in Grid/Available_images.


{| class="wikitable"
{{Grid/Available images/entry|h=Raw Materials}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Ambrosium Shard}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Aechor Petal}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Feather}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Leather}}
{{Grid/Available images/entry|Zanite Gemstone}}


Raw Materials
Ambrosium Shard Grid Ambrosium Shard.png Aechor Petal Grid Aechor Petal.png Feather Grid Feather.png Leather Grid Leather.png Zanite Gemstone Grid Zanite Gemstone.png

h specifies the heading. If h isn't specified it is considered as entry. If image is not found it causes an error and causes table misplacement.