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I fixed up the navbox to the way it was before[]

Next time you add items to this table or edit it, please maintain the order as I had the navbox structured to work with other page system on the wiki:

  • The contents of categories with navboxes is always kept alphabetical
  • Several important categories were lost and had to be restored, such as the unused/removed/creative only categories
  • Certain items like axes and armor are kept under an unified singular page for their types
  • The navbox also now uses the mod-forking system (i.e, have Ambrosium Shard on this table link to "Highlands/Ambrosium Shard") which is a work in progress
    • However, for items exclusive to Highlands, this isn't needed, just make the page without a prefix, i.e "Arkenium Shears"
  • Items like beds and doors are also kept out of the navbox due to them being blocks, they go in the Blocks one instead
  • Most of the category names are hyperlinked

Please keep all of this intact next time the navbox is edited.--LaDestitute (talk) 02:23, 31 March 2019 (UTC)