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The Necromancer
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Spawn Necromancer's Tower

The Necromancer is a NPC and will serve as an important NPC as both of the mod's plot and is the first character the player meets in the mod.


A separate instance of the Necromancer will spawn per individual Necromancer's Tower structure but each Necromancer is functionally the same.


Right-clicking on the Necromancer will cause the player to engage in conversation with the Necromancer, where he will ask the player to hurry and get to the Aether rift. Afterwards, he will walk inside.


  • The Necromancer appears to be an unreliable narrator. Oscar has claimed that the Necromancer has told conflicting stories about his origins, making his motives difficult to even guess.
  • Oscar has also stated that the Necromancer is trustworthy, despite his otherwise enigmatic background.
  • The Necromancer sent Stephen to kill the Sun Spirit, and also has a large reserve of Riftstone, the material responsible for Aether portals in the lore.
  • Stephen is the first human the Necromancer has sent to the Aether.
    • It is stated that the Necromancer is the only one who understands the technology of the portals, and is capable of controlling where humans emerge in the Aether.
    • The Necromancer doesn't send humans with many supplies.
  • The Necromancer has close ties to Edison, due to Edison seeking a cure for his illness and becoming a close associate of him as a result.
    • Despite this, he is stated to be generally neutral and is neither particularly good nor evil.


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  • 1.12.2-1.0.0: Implemented
  • 1.12.2-1.0.2: Necromancer has dialogue-updates, now tells you to go upstairs to the portal instead of asking you to follow him