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Biomes are a feature in the Aether II mod. Like the scientific term, biomes are defined as regions in The Aether with their own flora and fauna and often have their own distinct climate and ecosystems.

Procedural Generation[]


Biome Types[]

Highlands Continent Biomes[]

Biome Name and ID Features Description Images
Dec: 40
Hex: 28
0.37 (Medium) WIP Highlands Far.png
Magnetic Hills
Dec: 41
Hex: 29
0.38 (Medium) WIP MagneticHillsFar.png
Arctic Peaks
Dec: 42
Hex: 30
0.06 (Cold) WIP 2019-04-09 13.48.38.png
Forgotten Highlands
Dec: 43
Hex: 31
0.16 (Cold) WIP Forgotten Highlands Far.png
Irradiated Forests
Dec: 44
Hex: 32
0.08 (Cold) WIP Irradiated Forests.png

Other Biomes[]

Biome Name and ID Features Description Images
Aether Void
Dec: ???
Hex: ???
WIP WIP 2019-08-21 20.44.03.png

Biome IDs[]

Name Namespaced ID Dec ID Hex ID
HighlandsIcon.png Highlands aether:aether_highlands 40 28
MagneticHillsIcon.png Magnetic Hills aether:aether_magnetic_hills 41 29
ArcticPeaksIcon.png Arctic Peaks aether:aether_arctic_peaks 42 30
ForgottenHighlandsIcon.png Forgotten Highlands aether:aether_forgotten_highlands 43 31
IrradiatedForestsIcon.png Irradiated Forests aether:aether_irradiated_forests 44 32
Aether Void aether:aether_void ??? ???

Biome Colors[]


Aether II: Highlands Alpha
1.12.2-1.0.0 Implemented.