Aether Wiki

To Do List (priority from high to low)[]

Navbox/Informational Sections/etc Cleanup[]

These need to be cleaned up, de-stubified, orphan pages removed, etc. I might of missed some stuff with these so this on my todo list, starting with the version history navbox and it's associated pages. You can check the Templates page for a list of what might need tidying/updating.

Tidying Up Aether I[]

  • Both this and Version Page Forking are somewhat on the same level of priority given the former heavily involves the latter*

Aether I needs to be tidied up in combination with the version page forking. GOTV is mostly complete but I would really like to properly preserve Aether I's details for a nice clean concise wiki. It unfortunely was not preserved too well in the previous years of updating GOTV. It will also serve as the template for Aether Legacy pages.

Version Page Forking[]

  • Both this and Tidying Up Aether I are somewhat on the same level of priority given the latter involves the former heavily*

Fork versions of pages such as Sheepuff, etc for the Highlands/II/I/Legacy versions. For the tab template, two other versions will be made, one where it's just II/I/Legacy (for content present in all three) and just I/Legacy (for content shared across I and it's +1.7 port)

Legacy Info Porting[]

Porting/adding all the Aether Legacy pages, changelogs, etc. Once the near entirety of Aether is cleaned up, it'll just be a simple copy/paste editing job with tweaks.

Highlands Catchup[]

Catchup to all the Highlands versions for the wiki, adding missing pages, the changelogs, etc.

1. Catch up to changelogs first. This is valuable to me because I want to keep track of changes made via the indev builds for citing/page reference purposes. 2. Add removed/unused content notices first to make it more clear of stuff actually currently in the indev builds but also such as making it clear mobs like the Flying Cow (replaced by the Burrukai mob) are no longer present. I talked with Oscar, bconlon, Andrea and the others on the mod's discord, and we discussed how we'd approach making it clear about Aether II and Aether I's content. Especially towards making less confusion and misinformation. Aether I will probably still be kept for documentation and history purposes, as much as some proposed it should only be Aether II info here.

3. Add missing page and redone content, such as Icestone Cooler, Outpost, Moa Genetics, etc.

4. Document completely or relatively new content in the indev builds, such as biomes or the new island generation.

After that, we should be good. If you want to comment on the todo list, leave a comment on my talk page


Add a basic guides page, for starters. Not much work there, but it's in preparation for the first few guides in mind, which are:

  • Manual Installation of the mod guide
  • Aether II and resourcepacks guide
  • Aether II and shaders guide

Wanted Pages (outdated, should be cleaned up as we go)[]