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Health 20 (120px-Heart.svg.png × 10)
Spawn During the day

Of the abundance of creatures found in the Aether, none are quite as infamous as the pesky Zephyr.
~ Book of Lore

Zephyrs are hostile mobs that float through the sky of the Aether.


Zephyrs spawn during the day.


Zephyrs are currently bugged and while they do actually have hostile behavior, a bug causes them to behave as passive and never attack the player, even if in Easy mode or harder.


  • Zephyrs can easily be killed with Darts since they are not affected by gravity like arrows.
  • Tempests are Zephyrs mutated by the Blight.
  • OscarPayn made a concept for the Aether II version of the Zephyrs.
  • In the original Aether mod, Zephyrs had AI behavior similar to Ghasts.
  • One of the messages when loading is "Angering Zephyrs."
  • In Aether I, they would sometimes spawn in Silver Dungeon's boss rooms.
  • In Greek mythology, Zephyrus is the personification of the West Wind. It is described here as "the bringer of light spring and early summer breezes..." Geoffrey Chaucer wrote of the 'sweet breth' of Zephryus, and a soft, gentle breeze may be referred to as a zephyr, as in Shakespeare's Cymbeline (IV, ii): They are as gentle, as zephyrs blowing below the violet, not wagging his sweet head.


Issues relating to Zephyr are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues for Zephyr there.


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